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I just slept for like seventeen hours straight. Where's my reward?

I'm still tired too.

Natsuo, I just remembered. I still need a job bro. How's that coming along? I'm low on cash and Eiri's gonna kick my ass if I keep stealing his stuff.

Let me know okay?

Oh yeah, where's my Quesadilla gifter and amnesia boy? I wanna hang with you both soon. So, let's do it yeah?

Too sick for anything clever here...

I'm sick. Someone take care of me. D:


What the hell is that????

Edit again: It was explained to me! You all lose, except for the guy who gave me the answer.
I just bought and ate a half gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Heaven! By the way, Eiri the money that was on the counter grew legs and walked away. It was crazy.

Natsuo, you didn't happen to hear anything back from that cafe guy huh? I'm getting a little pressed for cash heh heh...

Oh yeah! Hey amnesia boy? Where'd you go huh? Come back, you were kinda interesting.

Anyway, I'm gonna be around on mobile today. Send me a message though cause I'm gonna be bored as hell. It's Kyoto Playboy on AIM. Seriously, do it, 'cause me being bored isn't good for anyone.

Hey you. Yeah, you. Let's do something. I don't care if we don't know each other. This is me whoring myself out for some company. Don't judge me either. I've been babysitting an old man for eternity it feels like. And you try living with my brother and see if you don't lower yourself to something like this.

But seriously, if anyone is free tonight, so am I. Let's get to know each other.
Yo! Guess who's back?!
I bet you guys thought I was dead. Nope. Still alive and kicking. And so is the old man. I missed you guys, so you better get over here and tell me what's up. But first, I guess I'll go ahead and tell you what's up over on this end. I had to jet back to Japan for a little bit. My dad was sick. But he's back to normal now, and back to telling me what an asshole I am, so I'm back here. Did you miss me? Of course you did.

First things first, I want my old job back. So I need info on who even runs the cafe anymore so I can go tell them how it is. Second, I think there should be a party in my honor for coming back here to save you all from boredom. So, whoever wants to go ahead and plan that go ahead. I want cake there, and someone better bring the brownies.

Expect me to hunt all you people I used to talk to down. Prepare!


I totally just ate a whole donut in one bite. Who's proud of me?
Okay, so... I have no excuse for not being around much. Just lazy. But I'm still alive, and if people don't call me to start doing things, I'm going to die of boredom. Yeah, I'm so lazy that you gotta call me. What about it?


uh yeah

I have returned. My dad's not dead, all rejoice.



I will be taking a short Hiatus as it says above. I am moving to L.A. tomorrow, and am also leaving my computer monitor behind. I shall return as quickly as possible, once I am settled and have a new monitor. Though Misa~mun has graciously offered to lend me her computer every so often. I will keep you updated as far as how long it will be until I return (shouldn't be too long <3 )

My characters whereabouts are as follows:

Tatsuha: Went back to Japan to visit his sister for a little while. Hakkai, and Tachi will both be recieving notes as to where he went.

Hachi: Went to Japan as well to visit her family for a little while. She would of course inform Dante of such.

Ryo: Working hard on the case at hand.

Tohma: Busy busy busy with work as always.

Tatsuki: Probably locked in his room brooding.

Okay! Thats it. I shall see you all soon~ ♥




I'm starving and there is no food in the dorm. And I'm broke 'til next pay. I'm not above prostituting myself for said food. Hey its life or death I feel no shame. DON'T JUDGE ME >:O